Adrian Nakić

Living and shooting pictures between Cape Town and Paris. Love Life! It's the only one you have.

Photographer Adrian Nakić is a Croatian brought up in Norway and Germany. He is passionate about life. And photographically, for the moment, he concentrates on people photography.

This collaboration, in addition to his love for travelling has made it possible to live an incredibly fortunate life between Cape Town and Paris, shooting for clients all over the world alongside wonderful creative & talented teams.

His latest project is a portrait book that involves his interest in people with tattoos.

In 1985 Adrian started his career as an assistant to the Formula 1 photographer R.W.Schlegelmilch in Frankfurt and then continued studying photography in Munich.

After moving to Paris in 1988 he assisted several well-known photographers such as Ellen von Unwerth and Andre Rau.

In 1991 he successfully took the big step to work on his own.


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